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NITRO 9 -- One of the best, if not THE best, DR. WHO resource page.  Links to just about everything you ever wanted to find (or find out) about this fantastic programme.
PHIL HILL's BRITISH COMEDY AtoZ -- The Britcom-aholic's paradise.  All you really need for info on episodes, actors, directors, episode guides, pictures, links and more.
KRYTEN's HOME PAGE -- Robert Llewellyn, ably supported by his alter ego, Kryten, that most human of Androids (as long as his factory settings are disabled), give you a glimpse into their world.  (Thanks, Tracy, for telling me about this and Craig's page!!)  Link to the official Red Dwarf page from there.
EASTENDERS UPDATE -- Missed an episode of the only soap worth watching?  No problem: Just follow the link and get your EastEnders fix (complete with thumbnail pics).  Spoiler warning if you watch it on the colonial side of the pond on BBC-America:  The Brits are ahead of us.  All sort of info on EE available on this site.  Right: Heart-breaker Grant (now sadly missing from the show) and his brother Phil Mitchell.  I still long for the good old days of "Dirty Den" ... *sigh*
THE BRITISH MONARCHY -- They might be dinosaurs in modern society, hanging on to their titles and privileges for dear life, but no self-respecting anglophile should be without at least a rudimentary knowledge of some of the history of the country which gave us Dr. Who AND the Beatles, and continues to give us some of the best television programmes ever produced! (picture gifs from this page).
A click on Mr. Humphries will take you to the Beeb's Official AYBS site
Dr. Who:
The official BBC Dr. Who Page
Click the Vicar:
a wonderful Dawn French site (with links to Lenny Henry, others) -- the name says it all
Featuring everything that's SciFi on Friday Night at Iowa Public Television; currently Dr. Who, Red Dwarf and Space Island One.  Chat starts every  Friday, 9:30 PM -- until we drop.
CRAIG CHARLES' HOME PAGE -- Visit with Craig, better known to most of us as Dave Lister from Red Dwarf.  Pictures, sounds, links, info on his comedy tours, in short -- a killer page!  Craig even answers fan questions.
BRIT-SPEAK -- After all this Brit-stuff, it might be time for an "official translator".  Find out why in the UK, it's perfectly alright to "hump" in public, offer your class- or office-mate a "rubber" or "knock up" a lady ... but don't mention her "pants" in mixed company!
KING HENRY VIII -- Biography of one of the most fascinating men in history.

TUDOR History -- Henry's lineage.
The station for great Brit-TV viewing in my area.
The Comedy mask will take you to the site listing members of the Great British Comedy Webring.  Some neat pages there.
Visit my Dr. Who Webrings Page and find more excellent Dr. Who sites
UK Links Webring
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Links to Things British
OSCAR WILDE -- A page of homage to the great writer, with links to other Oscar Wilde sites.
Bill Owen (William 'Campo' Simmonite) died on
12 July 1999.  You're sadly missed!!!!
BALLYKISSANGEL -- This link will whisk you away to Balllykissangel (the Ballykissangel webring, actually).  Much love and dedication has gone into some of these wonderful sites dedicated to this beloved drama series.  BBC America just started to broadcast Season 5 (March 2000) ... Wooo Hooooo!!!!  Sadly though, actor Tony Doyle (Brian Quigley) passed away in January, after we had already lost Birdy Sweeney (Eamonn) in April of 1999.  Click here for tributes to these much-loved actors.
A click on the banner will take you to a nifty fan site (episode guide, pictures and descriptions of major characters, etc.).
BRITISH ANYTHING WEBRING -- The Webring's list of member sites.  A cornucopia of British-themed websites.
The Largest Dr. Who Search Engine on the net
Find lots of 'KUA' stuff and other Brit shows if you click ol' Hyacinth.
The vampire miniseries with a twist.
The BBC Website (below)
The BBC Scotland Website
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