That is exactly what the wolf wanted to hear.  No sooner was Little Red Riding Hood bent over the flowers, picking away, as the wolf made his way to grandmother's house, knowing full well that a sickly old woman was no match for a hungry wolf.  And then a tastly little-girl-morsel for dessert ... his mouth was watering as he reached the cottage, let himself in, and before the old woman could even let out a cry for help, the big bad wolf had jumped on the bed and swallowed her whole!  Then he pulled her nightcap over his head, put on her glasses, and laid down under the covers to wait for Little Red Riding Hood.

Soon, there was a knocking at the door.  "Come in," called the wolf in his best falsetto.

As the girl entered the darkened bedchamber, she looked at her grandmother and
something didn't seem quite right.

"Grandmother, how come you have such big eyes?"  "That's to better see you with."

"Grandmother, how come you have such big hand?"  "That's to better grab you with."

"Grandmother, how come you have such big teeth?"  "That's to better eat you with."

And with those words, the wolf sprang out of grandmother's bed, grabbed the girl and
swallowed her.  Whole!  Then he crawled back into bed and was soon fast asleep, snoring
Little Red
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived
with her mother at the edge of a deep forest.  She also had a grand-mother who lived in a cottage a ways into the wood.  The girl was a happy child, always a smile for everyone, helpful, curteous, a joy to be around.  Everyone loved her, especially her grandmother, who had a red riding cap made for her.  This so pleased the girl that she wouldn't go anywhere without it.  Soon, everyone called her "Little Red Riding Hood".
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Riding Hood
One day, her mother called the girl and told her that grandmother had fallen ill and taken to her bed.  Little Red Riding Hood was to take her a basket with nourishing foods to help her get well again.  There were bread and cheeses, fresh strawberries from the garden, and a cake mom had baked special for grandma.  Even a bottle of wine was tucked in the basket.
Mother warned the girl not to stray from the path and go straight to grandmother's house.  Everyone knew the big bad wolf was about, just waiting to catch a tender morsel for his supper.  Little Red Riding Hood assured her mom that she'd be very carefull, promised not to stray and hurry on straight to grandmother's.  And off she went ...

She hadn't gone very far into the woods when the wolf noticed her and the delicious smells of food coming from her basket.  The way his tummy was growling, he knew just stealing the basket wasn't going to satisfy him.  Oh no ... he wanted it all ... basket and girl and whatever else he could get his old paws on.
Pretty soon, he was walking next to the little girl, making all friendly and starting a conversation.  Where was she going?, he inquired.  Little Red Riding Hood couldn't help herself but respond in kind to his friendly tone.  "I'm taking this basket of food to my grandmother, she is sick in bed and this will make her feel better."

"Hmmmm, don't you think Grandmother would really enjoy a bunch of fresh wildflowers," asked the wolf as he was pointing to a spot a ways off the path that was filled with beautiful flowers.

"Oh yes," cried the girl happily, her promises to her mother forgotten as she remembered how much her grandmother loved wildflowers.
A short while later, a hunter came by who was friendly with
grandmother.  As was his habit, he stopped to see that everything was as it should be.  Alas, the sounds he heard from the old woman's bedchamber told him something was not quite right.  He went to investigate and soon found the sleeping wolf ... the very wolf he'd been after for a long time now.  He started to aim his gun but pulled back, suspecting that the wolf had eaten grandmother and perhaps he could still save her.  He found her huge scissors and quickly cut him open.  Imagine his surprise when the first thing he saw was a little red bonnet!  First came Little Red Riding Hood, then he helped grandmother out of the wolf's belly.  They were both quite shook up but otherwise alright.  Quickly, he filled the cavity with stones from grandma's rock garden and sewed everything up again. Then they waited.
                                                    When the wolf finally woke up, he didn't feel at all well.  He crawled out of
                                                    bed, walked a few steps out of the cottage, and there he fell to the ground,
                                                    dead as a doornail.  So the hunter got his pelt, grandma and Little Red
                                                    Riding Hood had themselves a nice meal with the goodies from the basket, and the girl swore to herself that she'd never, ever, disobey her mother again when she was told to not stray from the path!
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