Welcome to my
Doctor Who Pages
Dedicated with love to the memory of my
favourite Doctor.  Rest in Peace, Jon!
This is a personal homage to my favourite television show.  It doesn't contain any info on the show itself, so many fans have already done this, better than I ever could (just wander the webrings, see below); except perhaps for my comprehensive list of DW actors used in playing Six Degrees of Doctor Who.  Then one day (I must've been really bored!), I scanned the title pages of DW books in my collection.  Mainly though, this page is an album featuring my Dr. Who tattoo, my friends and I enjoying ourselves doing fannish stuff, my Dr. Who clubs, the British Dalek stamp, and a few thoughts on the ending of my favourite episode, "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" -- recently, I even managed to sneak in another homage:  To my own favourite companions, Cats.  I hope you enjoy, and thank you for your visit.
My Dr. Who Tattoo -- or JEFF's Seal of Rassilon Tattoo
The Blue Box Companions of Birmingham  (some my fellow club members, Sylvester McCoy wearing our Club Sweatshirt)
My SFFN FRIENDS (a roup of people watching Dr. Who and
other British Science Fiction on Friday Nights on Iowa Public Television)
Visions Convention Snapshots
Visions '98 Press Conference Snapshots
The British 44 p. Black Dalek Stamp
The Real Meaning of the Shoe
(a woman's interpretation of the ending of "The Dalek Invasion of Earth")
Dr. Who Webrings (The Time Ring, Time Grrrls, The Lords of
Cyberspace, and yet another Timering)
Links to Things British
(great DW links as well as other Brit stuff on the web)
Six Degrees of Dr. Who (find a comprehensive list of actors, character name(s) and production mumber(s) of the episode(s) they appeared in)
Dr. Who Cats (in appreciation of their favourite show, fans name their cats after Dr. Who characters -- please help make this page grow)
My favourite Doctor giving "Dirty Mop Monster"
a bit of a shake while my favourite Villain looks on with astonishment.

Dr. Who, names and images, copyrighted to their original copyright holders.  No infringement is intended,
they are used here to honour this wonderful show that has given so much to its fans.